You would probably think you are the only person in the world who is going through the worst acne. But there are people out there feeling exactly what you are. Let’s see in my below story how I cleared my skin with Princess Filler.

I was haunted with these bad acne genes. People stare at you just to see your face full of acne. It’s not something you could hide away, even with foundation. It was so depressing and sad when I think of it today. I did not even want to talk about it on my blogs. A lot of people asked me about it but I never responded to anybody. I used to ignore people and their questions asking me about acne. This is because I didn’t want to know people how bad it got. This is a sad thing because I love blogging; it’s a part of my life, my routine. But due to this severe acne and its anxiety, I was not able to focus on things I love.

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Now I think I should have blogged and be as real as today because I know how it feels. Going through a phase of acne and trying to get it away is not easy. The mental trauma that you go through is much more difficult. I am so sad that I did not blog; I let it failed for so many years. I just gave up on it. Those years were the most depressing years of my life. My confidence was shattered.

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By time, with proper medications my acne was gone but left behind some deep holes and marks on my skin and as far as my research there is no such medicine to cover the holes left by acne. After consulting to a number of dermatologists, I bought Princess Filler, soft tissue filler for my skin from I did my purchase from, an online fine quality skin care product retailers. Princess Filler is produced from Hyaluronic acid that is originally produced by your skin every day. Sometimes skin is not able to produce it because of internal or external breakdown which leads to permanent scars. Princess Filler helps in fading these pigments from your sin by provided th lost nourishment to it.

It helped me a lot in getting the lost flawless skin back and it also volumized the hole left after acne. If you are going through the same, I suggest don’t put things on hold, don’t think it’s not going to leave your skin. Technology has brought so much ease and comfort in our lives and obviously there would be something made to fix your skin as well.

So be confident and rock the world through your craziness.


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